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Adhesive solutions for railway

We were wondering why railway vehicles are usually still painted, when self-adhesive films have become standard in many other transport sectors for years.

The proven advantages of adhesive solutions are convincing

  • Ultra-durable even under adverse external conditions
  • Time-saving application on nearly every ground
  • Unlimited design options with long-lasting colour and gloss effect
  • Additional vandalism and graffiti protection available
  • Minimizes vehicle downtime up to 80% as all work can be carried out on site
  • 75% lighter than paint saves energy every kilometre driven
  • Equal cleanliness effect with 50% less effort
  • Able for smart repair
  • Residue-free removal without damaging the ground

Neo-X and its partners have a broad expertise in the sector of self-adhesive films. From material selection and graphic artwork through to application, we guarantee a comprehensive service from a single source. Neo-X uses only the highest quality films and colours. Since only renowned partners are responsible for wrapping, we can offer the most comprehensive product warranties in the industry.