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Olfactory Signature

We are surrounded by fragrances all day long. When perceiving a scent, we feel emotions. Whether they remind us of faraway places, joyful moments, fragrances speak to our senses. If properly used, fragrances can give us a feeling of comfort, surprise us, enchant us, or even calm us down in stressful situations. A well-designed fragrance is subtle and discreet, as we all have very different sensitivities to scents.

Companies often limit their marketing tools to visual creations like logos or colour schemes. Thereby olfactoric creations are proven to be far more efficient : we are able to keep in mind certain scents for many years, and perceiving a certain fragrance will automatically bring to our mind a particular situation.

We help our customer to create their own one-of-a-kind signature fragrance, which can be diffused in almost any environment – even open-air.