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Digital applications for railway

Most technical components on rolling stock are monitored by the on-board computer. Unfortunately, this does not apply to quality deviations in the passenger compartment. As they are not detected by an automatic system and reported to the appropriate department for repair or cleaning their removal often takes inadequately long. As a result, passenger complaints and penalties from the Public Transport Authorities are unavoidable.

QScout is an intuitive to use app developed by Neo-X that supports transport companies to eliminate quality deficits fast and efficient by

  • recording deviations easily
  • reporting them quick and purposeful
  • tracking corrections in a structured manner
  • systematically evaluating incidents

Therefor QScout is not an off-the-shelf app, it is exactly tailored to your requirements.

  • We provide you with the exact type of rolling stock and equipment used in your company
  • We take your organizational structure and service provider into account
  • We supply dashboards and statistics that meet your needs

And all this at a surprisingly reasonable price.